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Welcome to Granite Online


750 lb capacity – Made In the USA – Massive Hoppers

American Carts

“Heavy Duty Comes Standard”
American Hand Carts are all made in the USA.  Each cart is carefully designed and built to withstand the most rigorous conditions.

Granite Industries

“Continual Innovation”
Granite Industries prides itself on thinking outside the box.  Experts in staging, seating, and scaffolding, we have spent years rethinking products to make them easier to use and safer.

Overland Carts

“Reinventing the Wheelbarrow”
Overland Powered Carts and Wheelbarrows utilize an all electric drivetrain to move up to 750 pounds.  Each cart is hand made the USA .

What Our Customers are Saying

“A great product that is made in the USA! For the price this dolly is made really good! I have a 16′ Bass Tracker Pro Guide. This boat/trailer has a really heavy tongue weight. I park my boat/trailer in my garage but my garage doors are not wide so I have to push the trailer into the garage. (I do not want to hit garage door sides or damage the boat). In short- I have to muscle the trailer (sometimes by myself) into the garage. The dolly tires/axle and body take a lot of stress. I do NOT see any tire damage from turning the dolly so sharply. I have used the dolly several times this year and the dolly has really helped park the boat.”

S. Galayda

“This electric wagon is fantastic. American made for a change. Open the throttle all the way and it slowly accelerates to a brisk walk. Right up hills. Being older and living where it is hilly and snowy, we didn’t appreciate how much of our fatigue doing outdoor chores was due simply to hauling stuff around in carts, wagons and wheel barrows. This rig takes a lot of work out of chores.”


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