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Power Carts

Electric Powered Carts
Electric powered wheelbarrows and electric powered carts are growing quickly in popularity. Overland has been an industry leader in producing quality electric wheelbarrows since their first model in 2008. Since 2008, Overland has been working continually to improve and produce the highest quality and user friendly electric powered carts on the market. Proudly made in the USA, these powered wagons are made with quality components and hand assembled by local workers in Ohio.

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Motor and Speed
Overland’s powered wheelbarrows are completely electric which means that they do not emit fumes, have instant power, and are extremely quiet. Designed from the ground up to handle the toughest jobs, everything is splash proof sealed and ready for outdoor use. The powerful electric motor reaches a top speed of 2.4 miles per hour in both forward and reverse gears. This is a brisk walking pace and ensures that the electric cart is capable of moving at your normal walking speed, even with a heavy load. The carts are rated at a 750 lb carrying load on hard flat surfaces.

One of the unique features to the electric cart is the braking system. Due to the drive-train design, the wheelbarrow will hold steady on an incline automatically. Simply cut the power and the cart will lock in place. There also is built in descent control which regulates the speed of the cart when going downhill. This is extremely helpful when you have 750 pounds pulling you down a hill. Overland electric powered carts come standard with an overload trip breaker that prevents damage to the electric motor.

Electric motors and battery packs are designed to be maintenance free. There is no need to change oil, air filters, spark plugs or belts. The motorized wheelbarrows from Overland come ready to go from day one with sealed components that do not require lubrication.

With 6-8 hours of real world run-time on a single charge, the possibilities for this heavy duty wheelbarrow are endless. Landscapers love them for hauling dirt and other gardening needs. Farmers and ranchers love them to help chore, haul heavy loads and handle projects around the farm.  

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