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Electric Garden Carts

Overland Battery Powered Electric Garden Carts
Electric garden carts and electric yard carts take labor intensive tasks and turn them to fun and quick objectives. Designed from the ground up to preserve lawns and speed up landscaping projects, these battery powered carts feature all of the best Overland technologies. The garden wheelbarrows move from 500 lbs to 750 lbs of rocks, dirt, landscaping, gravel or whatever else can be fit into the bucket.

Motor and Speed
Overland’s powered wheelbarrows are completely electric which means that they do not emit fumes, have instant power, and are extremely quiet. These carts are environmentally friendly and the near silent operation ensures that neighbors won’t be interrupted by the carts operation.

The battery powered garden carts have plenty of power to handle any of the gardening jobs that may be thrown at it.

It also has a completely splash proof motor and battery pack to ensure that the elements stay out. Capable of speeds up to 3.2 miles per hour, this line of gardening carts is up to any challenge even with a full load.Read More

Overland ensures that it’s electric wheelbarrows have plenty of power and plenty of safety features. Landscaping and gardening jobs often involve full loads, hills and a range of different users. These motorized garden carts feature hill ascent and descent control. This technology ensures that the user stays in control of the cart and the cart doesn’t turn into a 750 battering ram. A unique braking system will stop and lock the cart in place, even on an incline or decline. Of course with anything electrical, Overland includes an overload trip breaker on all carts to prevent damage to the electric motor.

Electric motors and battery packs are designed to be maintenance free. All powered gardening carts and powered wheelbarrows from Overland come ready to go from day one with sealed components that do not require lubrication.There is no need to change oil, air filters, spark plugs or belts.

All Overland motorized gardening carts come with turf tires. These tires are designed to treat lawns with the up-most care while still providing ample traction off the lawn. Easily move the cart around on cement, lawns, gravel and packed dirt paths.

If the standard electric gardening cart isn’t quite enough cart, then Overland offers a full line of power wheelbarrows. Featuring Dual Ag tires, these carts are a bit more aggressive but also provide plenty of versatility.

The standard gardening and yard cart comes with a 7 cubic foot bucket. This versatile bucket easily hauls a wide assortment of landscaping and gardening products. It also cleans up very quickly and easily. High density polyethylene construction ensures that the tub will withstand the test of time and be resistant to rain and rust. The electric wagon comes with a 6 cu. ft. bucket that is helpful in carrying bags of mulch and any other items that haul flat.

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