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Electric Power Wagons

Overland Battery Powered Electric Wagons
Electric power wagons are a versatile addition to any residential or commercial property. Built from the ground up to provide exceptional load control and capacity, these motorized wagons offer unparalleled performance. Capable of handling up to 750 lbs, these electric wagons can take on over 100 clay bricks at a time, 5-7 cubic feet of top soil (7 5-gallon buckets worth), and a whole variety of other heavy objects. The layout of the wagon makes stacking easier and 44″ chassis offers a more stable base.

Powerful Electric Motor
Stacking, moving, and rearranging heavy items such as logs, bricks, soil or gravel take a toll on backs, muscles and ambition. Overland designs their electric powered wagons with motors that are up to the task. Electric motors are torque monsters by design and present instant power.

No need to wait for the motor to hit a certain RPM or power band, these wagons have full power available at all times. An 18:1 gear ratio ensures that the power gets to the ground in the most efficient way possible.The powered wagons are capable of moving at the brisk walking pace of 3.2 MPH even under load. Read More

Extended Chassis
Overland electric power wagons feature a robust 44″ chassis. This is a full 17″ longer than our standard 27″ chassis. The extended length makes an already stable wagon, even more stable. It provides better weight distribution and improves handling. The electric wagon chassis are made by hand in the Overland Ohio manufacturing plant. Built with care and top quality steel, the chassis are built to last. A power coat finish ensures proper protection and also a sharp finish to the chassis frame.

Bucket Construction

The quality construction doesn’t stop with the chassis, it goes into each component of the powered wagon. Overland carefully selected a top quality bucket that is capable of handling abuse but also still cleans up with ease. Brentwood buckets are the highest quality buckets on the market. The wagon buckets are constructed from top quality high-density polyethylene. This results in a 50% weight savings when compared with the same size bucket made of steel. Backed with a 3 year warranty and made in the USA, these buckets are made to stand the test of time. Heavy duty hardware fastens the bucket to the frame and ensures minimal snag, long life and solid structure.


Great performance and solid construction are necessary but so is safety. Overland has incorporated quite a few safety features into their battery powered wagons. As with any electric cart, an overload trip breaker is built in to ensure the electric motor stays at peak operating temperature. The Auto-Braking feature stops and holds the cart in place, even on an incline. Climb hills in confidence with the hill ascent control. Turn the cart backwards and effortlessly descend a hill. The Smooth-Start technology moderates the power to ensure smooth starts every time.


Overland powered wagons take the pain out of manual labor and also out of basic maintenance. The electric motor and batteries are enclosed in a splash proof housing that protects the vital components. Battery powered carts also don’t require oil changes, spark plug changes, carb adjustment or any of the basic maintenance that gas engines take. Simply plug the electric wagon in overnight and it will be ready for a full day of 6-8 hours of use.


Electric powered wagons offer a ton of versatility. They can be used to haul dirt, logs, landscaping, manure, fertilizer, mail, buckets, the list is endless. Minimal noise and zero emissions allows for use inside buildings. These are carts are also eco-friendly and make great options for zoos and wildlife parks. 

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