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Electric Hand Trucks

Electric hand trucks are a new and emerging market. American Cart has a history founded in hand trucks. Starting with basic quality hand trucks, American Cart has now expanded into multipurpose custom designs. The Multi Mover XT and Mantis-X are designed to handle the biggest jobs. Enter Overland Carts into the equation. With a foundation in developing all-electric carts, Overland has the expertise and experience to take basic concepts and breathe new life into them. The collaboration efforts have resulted in a new line of electric hand trucks. These hand trucks take the best both companies have to offer and combine them into a ground breaking cart.

All Electric Drive
At the core of each battery powered hand truck is the Overland Electric Drive System. Developed in the USA, this drive system is built to blend power, performance and battery life. The electric motor produces instant power and low end torque. Capable of moving 750 lbs at the twist of a handle, these hand trucks offer next level versatility and efficiency. Read More

Labor intensive jobs that used to take significant amounts of time and effort can be done in fractions of the time with far less effort. The Multi Mover XT and Mantis-X are designed to run all day as well. The AGM battery packs provide 6-8 hours of real world battery life. Simply leave the motorized hand truck plugged in overnight and the battery management system ensures that the batteries do not overcharge and everything is ready for the next day.

The electric powered Multi Mover and Mantis both have their benefits. The Multi Mover XT frame offers plenty of room to haul even the most awkward loads. Hand constructed from top grade steel, the frame is built for strength and durability. The frame is also powder coated to ensure long life and excellent finish. The Multi Mover XT has a 26″ W x 30″ L base plate along with 28″ W x 62″ back plate. The oversize construction is by design to help make this one of the most versatile hand trucks on the market.

The electric powered Mantis-X has many similarities to the Multi Mover but does possess a few core differences. The Mantis-X has two 34″ long steel forks that extend from the base of the hand truck. These forks can be loaded up with a variety of products and the full length aluminium fenders keeps everything in place. Common uses are tables, chairs and inflatables. The potential goes far past those uses though as the Mantis-X can be used for portable toilets, roofing materials and about anything else that can set on the frame.

The electric hand trucks have excellent build construction and a powerful electric drive system. Both of these are great but safety is important as well. Overland has incorporated multiple safety features to ensure the operators are safe and confident as they use the powered hand trucks. Smooth-Start technology helps control the starts by slowly increasing the speed. The electric motors have so much low end torque the carts would take off at a full sprint without the variable control. The Auto-Brake feature automatically stops and locks the hand truck once the throttle is letup. This secures the cart from rolling away, even on an incline. HillSense helps to evenly distribute power on hill ascents and descents. When an electric hand truck is under full load this feature has tremendous value.  

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