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Electric Wheelbarrows

Overland Battery Powered Electric Wheelbarrows
Electric powered wheelbarrows are quickly becoming a standard item for residential and commercial customers. The versatility, power, ease of use and capacity make these electric wheelbarrows an excellent investment. Built by hand in the USA, Overland has been an industry leader in the motorized wheelbarrow market since 2009. Designed from the ground up with premium components and an eye for quality, these wheelbarrows are constructed without compromise. They will handle up to 750 lbs with ease. The Overland powered wheelbarrows are easy to maneuver and control due to the design and placement of the wheels. There are endless uses for this wheelbarrow line.

All Electric Drive System
At the heart of every Overland electric wheelbarrow is the drive system. Built with premium performance in mind, all the components worth together to create a unique user experience. The electric motor produces instant power at the twist of the throttle. The use of Smooth-Start Technology helps to get that power to the wheels by gradually increasing the speed. Electric motors are known for their excellent torque ratings and this electric motor is no different. Plenty of front end power packed by a differential capable of handling it all. The standard AGM batteries provide plenty of power to the motor and are fully rechargeable. This entire system comes together to handle up to 750 lbs on hard flat surfaces.
Moving at the brisk walking pace of 3.2 MPH, this powered wheelbarrow gets to its destination quickly. The battery pack provides 6-8 hours of real world use.

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Hand Crafted Chassis
Overland understands that a powerful drive train is only as good as it chassis. That is why the chassis is designed, tested and made by hand in the Overland Ohio Plant. Created from high quality steel, these chassis represent a strong and vital component to the cart. The standard electric wheelbarrow sits on a 27″ chassis which offers plenty of structural support. The chassis is powder coated to ensure excellent appearance and long life.

Brentwood Buckets
Overland searched the USA for the best quality bucket to put on the their electric wheelbarrows. Brentwood was the company that stood about above the rest. Manufactured in Pennsylvania, Brentwood is considered a market leader in the wheelbarrow industry. Brentwood buckets are made from UV test high-density polyethylene. This polymer is 50% lighter than a comparable steel bucket and with plastic, there is never a fear of rust. . Overland is proud to have teamed up with a quality organization to produce the highest quality electric wheelbarrow on the market. Brentwood also supplies heavy duty steel fasteners that ensure the bucket is tightly attached to the chassis.

Overland has gone to incredible lengths to ensure that their battery powered electric wheelbarrows are built to last. While quality is important, so is safety. Overland has developed numerous safety features that keep their carts upright and in control. Auto-Stop technology ensures that the electric carts stay in position after the throttle is released. The wheelbarrow will even stay locked in place on an incline. HillSense technology keeps the powered cart at a constant speed while going up a hill or down a hill. Smooth-Start technology modulates the power to the wheels and helps to keep starts consistent and smooth each time. The four front wheels and two rear wheels keep the motorized wheelbarrow planted firmly and stable. Overland electric carts all come with an overload trip breaker that protects the electric motor from damage.

Electric powered wheelbarrows really shine when it comes to maintenance. There are no oil changes, air filter changes, belt replacements or hose replacements. The all electric drive is packed in a splash proof package and basic maintenance is very minimal. Make sure it is plugged in before using it and the cart will be ready for a full days work. A built-in battery management system keeps from overcharging

The durability and versatility of the motorized wheelbarrows creates a utility vehicle that can be used almost anywhere. Landscaping, ranching, choring, residential use, commercial use, the list goes on and on. The all electric drive is eco-friendly and can be used in zoos and wildlife parks. The no-fume operation and no oil/hydraulics also means that Overland electric carts can be used indoors. The possibilities are really endless for these industry leading carts.

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