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Hand Trucks/Carts

American Cart Hand Trucks and Specialty Carts

American Cart & Equipment has established itself as a leader in the hand truck and specialty cart industry. Hand trucks and hand carts are generally the most used and abused products in shops and material moving businesses. A quality hand truck provides exceptional performance and long life expectancy. American Cart & Equipment prides itself on the quality of their hand trucks and long list of satisfied customers.

Innovation and fresh ideas can been found in the specialty hand cart line. The Multi-Mover hand truck was an industry first. Providing exceptional versatility and build quality, it is a hand truck that is designed to handle anything thrown its way. The appliance carts, trailer dollies, and table storage carts complete a deep and well built line of specialty hand carts.

American Cart & Equipment is a Granite company which means that it comes with an industry leading B2 Guarantee.

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