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Overland Flatbed Steel Platform for the C46 Chassis

Overland 44 inch platform for the C44 series carts.

***Due to raw material cost skyrocketing we have been forced to add a 5% surcharge to all Granite/American Cart/Overland Cart products and 8% on scaffolding and staging productsThe surcharge will be calculated on the checkout screen.  We hope to clear this surcharge the moment component costs level off or begin to decrease. For more info, please review our blog post.***


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Overland Flatbed Steel Platform for C46 C-Series Electric Carts

The Flatbed Platform takes the C46 power wagon chassis and converts it to a multipurpose flatbed. Expand the versatility for the Overland electric drive platform.  The flatbed can be used with the lip up or lip down, depending on the desired application.  E-Strap mounts are built into the platform for easy E-strap use.

Dimensions: 29″ W x 51″L x 1″H

The flatbed platform completely integrates with the chassis of the C Series Electric Carts. Simply slide out the clevis pin and switch out your platform/hopper. Platform only, does not include cart.


Compatible with the following carts:

  • C46 Chassis Carts


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