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Overland Extended Range Power-X-Change Battery Pack – 24V, 21A

Power-X-Change Extended Range Removable Battery Pack for the C-Series Electric Powered Carts – 24V, 21A.


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Power-X-Change Extended Range Rechargeable Battery Pack for the C-Series Electric Powered Carts – 24V, 21A

Spare or replacement 24-volt Power-X-Change rechargeable battery pack for Overland Carts C-Series models

Charges in 6-8 hours.

Provides 6-8 hours of real world driving.

This pack comes standard on all Overland Cart models.  Each battery pack is removable for easy swapping and charging.

Total life of 300-500 charge/discharge cycles

Keep an extra battery on hand and charged for no down time for your powered cart

Compatible with the following carts:

  • C27-6T
  • C27-7T
  • C27-8A
  • C27-8S
  • C27-10A
  • C27-10S
  • C44-9A
  • 44-9S
  • C88-10A
  • R27-7A
  • R44-6T
  • 4WD Power Carts
  • Power Dump Power Carts

Overland Rechargeable Battery Information

Download the full specification sheet: 70124 Spec Sheet

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Joe Vacek
2 years 11 days ago

i have a standard battery that is not holding a charge under load. is this battery compatible or do i need a new charger

Jeremy Rupp
2 years 9 days ago

Hi Joe, Yes the extended range battery pack is compatible with all Overland Carts. If you would like us to check your warranty, please send us an email: support@graniteind.com


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