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Overland Electric Powered Multi Mover XT Hand Truck – With Turf Tires

This Multi Mover can handle anything thrown its way. A robust electric drive train ensures that things are always moving forward!

All Power Hand Trucks now come standard with a massive 24 Amp-Hr Battery Pack (a 100% increase from the previous 12 Amp Hr battery pack) and a 5 Amp-Hr Charger.

ESTIMATED SHIP DATE: Each cart is made to order in Archbold, OH.  Due to record setting demand and a critical component shortage on transaxles, we are currently expecting orders to ship about 14  weeks after the order is placed.

***Due to raw material cost skyrocketing we have been forced to add a 5% surcharge to all Overland Cart products The surcharge will be calculated on the checkout screen.***


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Overland Multi Mover XT Electric Powered Hand Truck w/ Turf Tires

Need to move inflatables, bulky items, roofing materials or anything else weighing up to 750 lbs? The Powered Multi Mover XT is the electric hand truck for you. Built on our legendary Multi Mover, the battery powered Multi Mover will change the way you operate on a daily basis. Hand constructed from top grade steel, this cart is ready for whatever is thrown its way.  All of our Powered Carts use a twist style throttle. They’re simple to operate and will cut down on your work time.

All Power Hand Trucks now come standard with a massive 24 Amp-Hr Battery Pack (a 100% increase from the previous 12 Amp Hr battery pack) and a 5 Amp-Hr Charger.

**Overland Carts ship fully assembled via Freight Carrier/Common Carrier**
**Lift Gate service is required for MOST residential customers as it lowers the product to the ground**

Top Reasons to Buy an Overland

  • Easy to use – Power it on, twist the throttle and go.
  • Safe to Operate – Numerous safety features and a four wheel design set us apart.
  • Made in the USA – Quality you can feel. Manufacturing and support is all out of Archbold, OH.
  • All electric power – Zero emissions, zero fumes, and virtually no noise.
  • Minimal Maintenance – No oil filters, air filters, or gas to add. Just remember to plug it in.
  • All Day Battery – Operate the cart throughout the day on a single charge.
  • Massive Capacity – Load the cart up with 750 lbs of whatever you want.
  • Fully Assembled – All Overland Carts ship fully assembled.

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Safety Features

  • SmoothStart – On acceleration, power is applied to the drive tires in a controlled manner ensuring a smooth start each time.
  • HillSense – Allows the cart to be safely used on inclines and declines.  The cart will travel at the speed set by the user, not by the incline or decline.
  • AutoLock – An automatic parking brake locks the wheels when the throttle is not being applied.  This feature prevents the cart from rolling away from the user and also provides easy loading and unloading on inclines and declines.
  • Emergency Stop – The red E-Stop button allows the user to immediately stop the progress of the cart.
  • Four Wheel Design – All Overland Carts have at least four wheels to provide maximum stability.
  • Overload Fuse – There is a built in overload fuse that measures the inputs of the drive system in real time.  If the incline, load, or terrain begins to overwork the motor, a fuse will stop the cart and prevent any damage to the transaxle.
  • Throttle Controlled Braking – The braking is controlled by the throttle, simply let up on the throttle and the cart will slow down to the desired speed.  To brake is automatically applied.
  • Throttle Defaults to Zero MPH – If the throttle is released for any reason, the throttle will automatically return to the zero MPH position and the cart will safely coast to a stop.  AutoLock will then engage and the cart will be secure.
  • No open gears, belts, or hot components – The design of the cart keeps hands safe and prevents possible burns caused by hot engine components.
  • Tested Over Time – Overland Cart has been developing and building carts for 10 years.  We know our carts and have developed them to be as safe as possible.

Additional Features

  • Massive Fold Down Plate – 27″W x 31″L
  • Easy Start – Simply pull out the red E-stop button on the handle and the cart is immediately ready to drive.
  • Variable Speed Twist Throttle – Similar to a motorcycle throttle.  Very easy to use and to control the speed.
  • Enclosed Gear Box – Gears are enclosed for maximum safety and durability.  The transaxle is sealed for life and does not require any maintenance.
  • Manual Mode – Allows the cart to be operated without battery power.
  • Forward/Reverse – Direction can be selected from the toggle switch on the handlebar.  The cart travels the same speed in either direction.
  • Zero Turn Radius – The open differential allows the cart to be spun in a circle without power being applied, allowing for a true zero turn radius.
  • Near Silent Operation – The electric drive system is almost silent in its operation.
  • IMPROVED Battery Life – 6-8 hours of run time on a standard battery.
  • 110V Off Board Charger – Charge the cart with an extension cord or plug it right in the wall.
  • Battery Life Indicator – LED lights ensure you always know the current battery status
  • Powder Coated Frame – The chassis is welded and powder coated in house for lasting finish
  • Heavy Duty 13″ Drive Tires – Complete with a steel hub and heavy duty wheels.
  • 10″ Rear No Flat Swivel Casters – Foam filled heavy duty swivel wheels.
  • Rechargeable AGM Sealed Lead Acid Batteries – Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) batteries are the most advanced batteries on the market and offer a spill-proof design.
  • Removable Rechargeable Battery Pack – Quickly swap batteries or remove the battery to charge it.
  • Patented Design – Our carts feature patented designs and components.  Ensuring top tier build quality and design on all genuine Overland Carts.

Overland Limited Warranty

  • 1 year – Powertrain and Electronics
  • 3 year – Chassis
  • Limited to manufacturing defects
  • For the full warranty – Overland Limited Warranty

Overland Powered Carts
Overland Carts is a part of the Granite Industries family.  All carts are manufactured by Granite Industries in Archbold, Ohio.
The Granite Online Store is the official online store for all Overland Cart products


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  • Motor: 24 Volt DC Permanent Magnet
  • Drive: Single Reduction Open Differential Transaxle
  • Capacity Level Ground: 750 lbs (295 kgs)
  • Speed: 0 – 3.2 mph / (0 – 5.2 kph), Variable
  • Static/Park Brake: Electromechanical, Fail Safe
  • Battery: Removable & Rechargable 24V 21AH Sealed Lead Acid
  • Charger: Off Board, 5 Amp
  • Real World Operating Time: 6 – 8 Hours
  • Capacity: 750 lbs
  • Weight: 160 lbs
  • Dimensions: 38″H x 28″W x 70″L
  • Footplate: 27″W x 31″L
  • View the full specification sheet: 70292 Spec Sheet

Have a question about the item?

3 years 8 months ago

If ordered today would it be delivered by Tuesday?

Jeremy Rupp
3 years 8 months ago

Hi David, thanks for your interest in our powered Multi Mover. Normally the hand truck takes 3-5 days to ship. We can get you a realistic ship date if you call in: 877-447-2648 or email us:

3 years 7 months ago

is the angle of tilt adjustable?

Jeremy Rupp
3 years 6 months ago

Hi Wendi, the angle of the rear wheels cannot be adjusted from the single position shown in the photo for material handling. For storage purposes, the wheels can be folded flat to the cart.

David S
3 years 6 months ago

Does this come with an optional forklift forks attachment?

Jeremy Rupp
3 years 6 months ago
David S
3 years 6 months ago

I like the one I mentioned because it is big and had a large back

Jeremy Rupp
3 years 6 months ago

Ah, I understand, unfortunately we do not offer a fork lift attachment for our Powered Multi Mover XT

Cameron Valdez
3 years 6 months ago

Hi Jeremy do you have a link for replacement battery’s and chargers for the multi mover xt?

Jeremy Rupp
3 years 6 months ago

Hi Cameron, here is the link for the replacement battery pack: and here is the link to the replacement charger: If you have any additional questions please let us know!

stephen miskell
3 years 4 months ago

Do you customize the hand truck. If I wanted the base to be 36″ wide can this be done?

Jeremy Rupp
3 years 3 months ago

Hi Stephen, we do offer custom hand trucks at an increased price. If you’d like, you can send us an email: and we can further discuss the design and price of the hand truck.

3 years 11 days ago

Do you have a Dealer in Denver, CO

Jeremy Rupp
3 years 4 days ago

Unfortunately we do not have a dealer in Denver or Colorado. We mostly sell direct to customers through our website. We do offer a 15 day free trial on all our carts to make sure they will work for your specific application. If you have any additional questions free free to give us a call: 877-447-2648 or send us an email:

Benson Smith
2 years 10 months ago

Do you have a motorized cart that will carry a load up and down a ramp to a box truck? If so, which one and what is the load capacity of the cart.

Jeremy Rupp
2 years 10 months ago

Hi Benson, all of our Overland Carts and Hand Trucks have a capacity of 750 pounds on flat surfaces and 500 pounds on 1:3 inclines (18 degrees) for limited amounts of time. The ramp to a box truck is generally a bit more than 18 degrees but if the load amount is reduced then the cart will be able to handle the provided application. We have noticed that when driving the carts up an incline it is necessary to provide a boost by pushing to keep the wheels from spinning on the ramps. Our Powered Multi Mover XT is a great option, as is our Transformer Hand Truck. If you have any further questions please let us know: or via phone: 877-447-2648. Thanks!

2 years 9 months ago

Can I store it outside?

Jeremy Rupp
2 years 9 months ago

Hi Karen, our carts can be stored outside, however, we do recommend keeping them out of the elements either under an overhang or covered. For the longest life and best performance we recommend keeping the carts stored inside a building. Hope that helps!

2 years 8 months ago

Is the electric hand truck multimover designed with the capability to move 55 gallon drums of hazardous waste?

Jeremy Rupp
2 years 8 months ago

Hi John, the Powered Multi Mover can handle a 55 gallon drum of most things that have a combined weight (Drum plus liquid) of less than 750 pounds . The capacity of the cart is 750 pounds on a level surface. We have not specifically designed the carts for hazardous waste but our carts are powder coated and the system is water resistant so assuming the hazardous waste stays inside the drum, we don’t foresee any issues. We would recommend purchasing two e straps to help secure the load. Here is a link to the straps:

1 year 9 months ago

Does this work well moving Bounce Houses over uneven soft terrain like yards with uneven slopes?

Jeremy Rupp
11 months 2 days ago

Hi Jerry, the powered multi mover xt is a versatile all terrain cart. It can be used on grass and pavement. Slopes do affect the capacity of the Multi Mover XT, but it really depends on the terrain of the slope, length of the slope and load on the cart. Depending on the specific application, the operator may need to apply some boost to the cart. All of our power carts include an overload fuse that monitors the carts performance in real time to ensure that the transaxle isn’t being overloaded. If you have any questions, please let us know: 877-447-2648 or email us:

10 months 3 days ago

Hey Jerry. Did you purchase one for your inflatables? If so, how is it doing? Especially on hills. Thanks


Overland Rechargeable Battery Information

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  • Optional lift gate service lowers the freight to ground level for easy unloading in residential areas
  • For more information, please review our freight policy: Granite’s Freight Shipping Policy

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Weight 160 lbs

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