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American Cart Stage Deck Storage Cart – 4 ft decks

Vertical stage storage carts allow you to store your decks on their edge so you can pass through a door way or hall with ease. Free Shipping + 3 year warranty on carts!

***Due to raw material cost skyrocketing we have been forced to add a 5% surcharge to all Granite/American Cart/Overland Cart products and 8% on scaffolding and staging productsThe surcharge will be calculated on the checkout screen.  We hope to clear this surcharge the moment component costs level off or begin to decrease. For more info, please review our blog post.***


Free Shipping!

American Cart Stage Deck Storage Cart – 4 foot decks

Vertical storage carts allow you to store your decks on their edge so you can pass through a door way or hall with ease. A storage basket is built into the handle area, allowing you to take stage legs and braces with you. Carpeted planks keep your stages looking newer, longer.


  • Capacity – Holds up to ten (10) 4 foot decks – 9 decks are shown in the above picture.  9 decks are what is required for a 12 ft by 12 ft stage setup.
  • Heavy Duty – All steel construction.
  • Professional Finish – Black powder coating provides an excellent finish and lasting protection.
  • Quality Casters – Two fixed casters and two swivel casters support up to 1,000 lbs
  • Stage Leg Storage – Store stage legs in the rear basket of the cart
  • E-Track System – Attach an e-strap to the cart to secure the stages in place
  • Carpeted Planks – Protect the stages and keep them looking nice
  • Storage – The stages can be stored on the cart to maximize storage space.
  • Ease of use – Keep track of stage components and move the stages indoors or outdoors as needed
  • Versatility – Any standard 4 foot x 4 foot stage deck can work with the cart
  • Warranty – Three year limited warranty
  • Made in the USA

American Cart and Rack 
American Cart and Rack is part of the Granite Industries family.  All carts are manufactured by Granite Industries in Archbold, Ohio.
The Granite Online Store is the official online store for all American Cart and Rack products.


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Download the American Cart Catalog: American Cart Catalog Catalog - AM Cart

Freight Shipping

  • Optional lift gate service lowers the freight to ground level for easy unloading in residential areas
  • For more information, please review our freight policy: Granite’s Freight Shipping Policy

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Weight100 lbs

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