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Indoor/Outdoor Electric Utility Carts

Overland manufactures a wide variety of electric carts. All of the electric drive systems are zero-emission, zero fluids and produce minimal noise. These features translate very well to indoor settings. Standard Indoor utility carts are heavy, cumbersome and labor intensive to move. Overland electric utility carts handle up to 500 lbs with ease. Maneuverability is a breeze with the rear swivel wheels and powered front wheels.

Electric Drive System – Zero Emission, Zero Mess
Overland has developed their electric drive system from the ground up. Designed to provide the perfect blend of power, performance and usability, this drive system uses an electric motor powered by a NiMH battery pack. Electric motors provide numerous benefits over gas motors, especially indoors. The electric motor used on the Overland indoor utility carts provides instant power, no need to wait for the engine to hit a certain RPM to produce power. It has so much power off the line that Overland actually incorporated a technology called “Smooth-Start”.

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This feature moderates the power to ensure that there are smooth yet powerful starts every time. Electric motors also require very little maintenance. There are not belts to replace, oil to change, air filters to clean or gas to put in. Simply plug the cart in overnight and enjoy 6-8 hours of real world use. All the electric drive components are sealed which ensures there are not any oil leaks, hydraulic leaks or fluids of any kind on the floor. Capacity on these indoor electric utility carts ranges from 500 lbs to 750 lbs. This is enough capacity to cover a wide range of projects and tasks. All-electric drive systems work well indoors as they produce minimal noise. Operate this indoor cart in schools, businesses and offices without fear of disturbing the employees or students.

Overland uses Turf-Tires on their indoor utility carts. These tires are versatile, providing basic traction outside but still a smooth ride inside. Combining these tires with the custom drive train creates a cart that doesn’t leave behind a mark. No skid technology ensures that the rubber stays on the tire and not on the floor. Take it across a gym floor without fear of leaving a skid mark.

Hand Crafted Chassis
Overland invested significant time in developing the all-electric drive train. They also invested time in developing a chassis that would properly handle the weight and power. Engineered, assembled, and powder coated in Archbold, OH, these chassis are built to last. Built with pride by local workers, the welds and construction are done to exact specifications to ensure a proper build each time. The world-class powder coating operation provides a top quality fit and finish that will last for years to come. Inside or outside, these utility carts are built to handle the elements.

Buckets or Platforms
Overland understands that different jobs need different tools. That is why they have developed multiple electric powered carts that can be used indoors.

Electric Powered Multi Mover and Mantis
These two units provide maximum versatility for inside and outside use. Built on two legendary hand truck platforms, the units combine the best of both worlds. Electric power takes back breaking tasks and turns them to quick and simple tasks. The Multi Mover provides a more solid base while the Mantis offers two smaller forks that can accommodate even the most awkward objects.

Bucket style carts
There are a variety of different buckets carts offered to ensure there is an option for each job. The 7 cu. ft. bucket is great for general use around the shop. The 6 cu. ft. wagon-style bucket can be used for everything from bags to mail. The 20 cu. ft. utility hopper is most commonly used for hauling trash, but can also be used for moving mass quantities of product. The buckets are interchangeable as well.

With any electric indoor utility cart, safety is a priority. Overland has incorporated numerous features that offer safe and consistent performance. New operators can quickly learn how to use the cart and adapt to its features. The Auto-Brake features allows for secure and quick stopping power. The cart can be left on an incline or on flat ground without fear of rolling away. The HillSense control allows for consistent throttle control both in assent and descent. As mentioned previously, the Smart-Start technology helps create safe and controlled starts each time. Overland designs each electric cart to be stable, even under load.

Overland electric utility carts can be used in a multitude of settings. Indoor carts can be used at universities, offices, warehouses, zoos, or anywhere else that requires a cart. Multiple testimonies have shown that once an organization gets their hands on one of these carts, it is one of the most sought after pieces of equipment in that organization. The versatility, capacity, and ease of use are unmatched.

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