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Electric Cart Accessories

Overland electric carts offer plenty of versatility as stock units, however, there are options available that extend the capabilities even further. Below are some of the featured accessories.

Flat Platforms (#70103 & #70104)
Available for both the 27″ and 44″ chassis, these platforms transform an electric powered wheelbarrow to an electric powered flatbed utility cart. The 27″ (#70103) will work on any C27 chassis. The 44″ (#70104) will work on any C44 chassis.

Side Dump Adapter (#70132)
The side dump adapter is available for the C27 series carts. The adapter allows for the hopper to be dumped to the side instead of just forward. This helps with landscaping projects, cement pouring or an task that requires the cart to move forward but the load to be dumped to the side. It completely integrates into the cart and does not change the standard function of the cart.

Trailer Hitch (#70109)

Moving a trailer can be hassle and labor intensive. Overland makes a handy attachment that is adaptable to both their C27 and C44 chassis. The 2″ trailer ball works for most standard trailers. Attach the trailer hitch and effortlessly move trailers around the work site.

Standard Power-X-Change Battery (#70113)
This the standard battery that comes on the 2 wheel drive C-Series Carts. It has a normal run time of 5-7.5 hours under continuous use and 7.5-11.25 hours of run time with start and stop use. Run times will vary depending on loaded weight and terrain. The battery is 24V, 12 Amp-hr.

Extended Range Power-X-Change Battery (#70124)
Designed to be used with the 2 wheel drive C-Series carts, this battery pack extends the continuous usage time to 8.5 – 13 hours. Start/stop usage time improves to a 13-20 hour expected life. Run times will vary depending on loaded weight and terrain. The battery is 24V, 22 Amp-hr.

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