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Overland Forward and Reverse Switch

Square style replacement forward/reverse switch for Overland electric powered carts.

***Due to raw material cost skyrocketing we have been forced to add a 5% surcharge to all Granite/American Cart/Overland Cart products and 8% on scaffolding and staging productsThe surcharge will be calculated on the checkout screen.  We hope to clear this surcharge the moment component costs level off or begin to decrease. For more info, please review our blog post.***


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Overland Forward / Reverse Switch

Square style replacement switch for Overland carts.
This style is not compatible with the new style forward reverse switch.

What switch do I need?
Please check your cart to ensure you are ordering the correct forward/reverse switch.  The old square style is either 4 or 6 prong on the back and is much more square like in its shape.  The new forward reverse switch is much more rectangular and only has three prongs in the back.  The old style switch is about 1.25″ tall and the new style switch is about 1.75″ tall.  The old style normally has an “on/off” style graphic on the buttons of the switch.

Watch our video on how to replace the FWD/REV switch: Overland Forward / Reverse Switch Replacement Video

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Tom Pitney - Precision Concrete Cutting
1 month 22 days ago

Yes, I ordered 2 of the above switches and was sent 4 prong version vs the required 3 prong. We spoke to your tech support folks and they indicated we needed to set up an exchange on these items. Can you help me with setting this up? Tom

Jeremy Rupp
1 month 15 days ago

Hi Tom, thanks for reaching out! We have recently updated our site to show both forward/reverse switches and to give information on how to select the correct switch. Old *square* style switch (4 prong): New style switch (3 prong): If you have any other questions, please let us know: 877-447-2648


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