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Overland Powered Cart Reviews

Overland Carts have been a customer favorite since they were introduced in 2008.  Here is just a small sampling of real customers.  The reviewers did not receive compensation for their feedback.  Feel free to contact us for more information or to leave a review: Contact Us

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This is exactly what I hoped it was and just what I needed. On time delivery. Any questions I had were answered as I asked them. Build is beyond compare and miles ahead of the overseas products.

Michael in ME

C44-13A purchased 4/11/21

We live on a property that incorporates a hill and the Wheelbarrow has been indispensable this spring! It is very convenient and performs well over tough terrain.

Thomas in MA

C46-9A purchased 3/31/21

This is a game changer for our barn clean up. Very well made in USA. Simple operation. Endless uses. Seniors with livestock need to have this!

Dennis in MD

C32-10A purchased 2/22/21

What a great product. Far exceeded my expectations. Great company to work with. Can’t do enough for you. Nice to have such a good support. Ron from  DeMarco Express Delivery

Ron in PA

C44-13A purchased 02/17/21

I am disabled and this product allows me to still be able to stay active with my yard. It is easy to maneuver, I don’t have to start it, all I do is pull the on off button, turn the throttle and I am moving birdseed, straw, branches, refuse, along with many other things in my yard. Thank you for your product!

Earl in Ohio

C32-10A purchased 02/11/21

I wish that I had owned this all of my adult life. I am an older woman. I live on a property with rugged terrain that has just endured a wildfire so there is massive amounts of clean up. Also, I am replenishing areas with fresh solid, crushed granite, etc. I am so glad that I got the unit with hydraulics. I just hit the button, tilt it down, scoop into the bed the material, hit the hydraulic return button and give it a little throttle and walk with it. It takes a little getting the throttle, turning radius coordination down but we’re getting there.

RoseAnn in CA

C34-8A purchased on 10/31/2020

We use the 4-wheel drive auto dump wheelbarrow for scooping poo from paddocks. Now when we are done, we have enough energy to go for a nice long ride.

Diane W. in Colorado

C34-10A purchased on 10/22/2020

This gadget is EXACTLY what we were hoping it would be. Well-made, awesome design, high load capacity, strong motor, great traction, simple to operate, and best of all … came fully assembled, charged, and ready to roll. Very happy with this power wagon, and have many ranch-jobs stacked up in the queue to take advantage of it.

Rusty in OR

C44-13A purchased on 9/22/20

This is a great tool. I can do projects on my ranch that i previously could not do. It’s works as described. Steering can be tricky on uneven flat and hilly ground when carrying a full load so far I have been able to traverse all surfaces.

Philip in Oregon

C34 4WD w/ Power Dump purchased 8/28/20

Love this powered wheelbarrow! Saves me energy and sore muscles. I move tons of mulch and I am 74 year old

Gregory in NC

Purchased C27-10A on 8/23/20

Fabulous tool that will let us keep up with our own yard work!!

Anne in North Carolina

Purchased C32-10A with Power Dump - 07/16/2020

Love this powered wagon! I’m enjoying my yard (3 acres) work so much more. Maneuvering my wheelbarrow was killing my back. It’s actually fun to walk behind this which holds much more and requires no effort on my part.

Kathy in Ohio

Purchased C44-9A with Power Dump - 06/30/2020

We bought our electric wheelbarrow last spring (2019) to help us get our yard ready for our daughter’s wedding. Our backyard slopes and we had a lot of hauling of wood, stone and yard debris/plantings. I did extensive research and was impressed with the quality and the fact, it was USA made. I wanted to send a thank-you as we absolutely love our electric wheelbarrow! Your company was very responsive to some problems we had early on with the battery, but since remedied, it has worked extremely well and we are very satisfied with our purchase. It has been a real back saver! See the picture of our pool cover we used to haul up to the garage ourselves! Thanks so much! We give this product 5***** stars!. Margaret and Robert

Margaret in IL

Purchased C34-10A with Power Dump - 06/23/2020

The Overland Electric Wheelbarrow has awesome power. I have been landscaping a sloped backyard and the wheelbarrow climbs the steep slopes without a problem. I love it’s maneuverability and it’s battery lasts all day. The power dump is a plus. What a great tool to have.

Scott B.

Purchased C32-10A with Power Dump - 05/15/2020

Worth every penny, well built and solid.

Patricia R. in CT

Purchased C34-10A with Power Dump - 05/13/2020

I bought the wheelbarrow online. The process was easy, shipping was free and fast, and the wheelbarrow is a quality product and works as expected. I am very happy with the new wheelbarrow.

Laura in Colorado

Purchased C34-8A with Power Dump - 04/07/2020

2nd one I’ve bought. Great quality, would not do what I do for a living without it!

Karl R. - Texas

Purchased Powered Multi Mover XT - 07/12/2019

Great for hauling manure. Works exactly as expected!

Claudia - FL

Purchased C32-10A with Power Dump - 06/06/2019

Fantastic dump cart! Really easy to use. Well built. The power dump is a great feature.

Malcom L. - Nevada

Purchased C32-10A with Power Dump - 12/11/2018

We’ve had our Overland cart (the 4WD power dump version, which we nicknamed The Goat) for a year now. We bought it after upsizing in our retirement years to a very steep East Tennessee ridge face. We live at the top of our two acres and do much of our gardening at the bottom. We’ve hauled dirt and rocks and mulch and leaves and shrubs and tools up and down. We are delighted. Best powered outdoor tool purchase since my Troy-Bilt Horse 40-some years ago. Occasionally wish for a locking differential or more axle articulation on rough terrain, but it’s a beast that overcomes obstacles. As the arthritis in my right thumb gets worse, I may need left-hand controls, but that seems do-able. A first-class product!

Brent - TN

Purchased 4WD 10 Cu. Ft. Cart with Power Dump - 12/09/2018

Exactly what we were looking for to assist us with yard work and moving patio flower pots in and out of storage.

Bruce H. - Oregon

Purchased Overland Flatbed Cart - 11/07/2018

My favorite purchase ever for our stable. Worth every penny

Flora R.

I have always wanted an electric wheelbarrow. I did a lot of research and I just could not be satisfied with an electric wheelbarrow that I still had to lift the hopper by hand even though the majority of them have an easy assist to lift but my point is WHY, I was tired of a wheelbarrow where I had to lift to dump all the time if it is going to be electric it should also dump for me and I do a lot of chores with a wheel barrow and eliminating the lift and hauling makes all the differences especially in this case. This wheel barrow will solve all your needs and I only wished I would have gotten one along time ago. This is the smartest thing that invented. The price might more than some people would pay but it’s worth the price for all the headaches and pain that this wheel barrow will get rid off. It is cheaper than a tractor and more quieter for the nature lovers and gardeners and farmers like me who love the peacefulness of the outdoors. This is a great investment!

Brenda D. - New York

Purchased C32-10A with Power Dump - 06/14/2018

I haven’t been able to stop getting older, but it won’t stop me. At 68 years old, this wonderful machine lets me haul dirt, gravel, sand, concrete, blocks, brick and tools. It will pay for itself by eliminating the need to hire help and allows me to keep my self-respect.

John D. - Alabama

Purchased C32-8A with Power Dump - 03/27/2018

“We have five horses and a donkey. Lot’s to clean up. I put the 10 cu. ft. to work right away. So glad we did not go with a different brand gas powered wheelbarrow. Its ease of use is wonderful. Lots of power and beautifully made, So far…very satisfied with our purchase. It will ease my daily chores!”

Robert – PA

Purchased C32-10A, 5/5 stars – 07/20/2017

The cart arrived, TOTALLY PERFECT exactly what i had hoped for. I am schlepping loads of rocks up hills and loving it.


Purchased R44-6A, 5/5 stars – 08/02/2017

I have just used it to haul some stuff around my small farm – it works great. It arrived in good condition ready to use. I am very pleased with it.

Richard (MN)

Purchased C44-9A, 5/5 stars – 07/17/2017

“We love these carts! They are used all day everyday and hold up great.”

Mark (Walt Disney World’s “Tri-Circle-D Ranch”)

Purchased C32-8A , 5/5 stars – 12/1/2017

This electric wagon is fantastic. American made for a change. Open the throttle all the way and it slowly accelerates to a brisk walk. Right up hills. Being older and living where it is hilly and snowy, we didn’t appreciate how much of our fatigue doing outdoor chores was due simply to hauling stuff around in carts, wagons and wheel barrows. This rig takes a lot of work out of chores.

We did have shipping damage which the company cheerfully and promptly took care of. The batteries are wheel chair batteries and available locally when they need replacing. All in all, a great buy.
We did buy it directly from the company as they have a lot of options. Bigger batteries, various tires, a flat deck, a trailer ball rig.

Steve - Sunapee, NH

Purchased C44-9A, 5/5 stars - 01/17/2015

A few years ago I purchased the Overland Electric Powered Wagon – with the 9 Cu.Ft. Hopper.  This wagon is fantastic, and performs much better that I expected it would.  I’m sixty seven years of age with a few issues with my legs and hip that prevented me from doing certain chores as I once did.  I was able to drag an apple tree out of the back my Chevy Tahoe and plop it right into the Overland wagon and transport it a few hundred feet away to the planting site by myself.  Holy cow!

Another great thing about this wagon —–When I replaced my front door in my home I went with a 48” wide door to accommodate the wagon.  Since there are no steps to my front door, I can wheel a six hundred pound load of firewood from the back of my property (one acre) through the front entrance of my home right up to the fire place wood bin without breaking a sweat.  When the wagon is in my garage I use that tremendous 9 cubic foot hopper to hold potting mix so it becomes a potting station for the many house plants we have, as well as outside potted plants at my home.  All the contractors that work at my home from time to time are envious of my electric wagon.  They realize that if their workers use a wagon like this they will be less worn out and tired during the day than if they use a manual source like a wheel barrow to move cinderblocks, bricks and equipment.  Less tired…. More production.  I usually leave it plugged in for charging so I’ve never had an issue with battery life.  This wagon gets me out in the yard and that makes me feel good.

Ray - New York

Purchased C44-9A, 5/5 stars

In all honesty, I thought that this was a mistake, but my wife wanted it, so … Well, I could not have been more wrong First, iit freed her from dependency on my availability. Second it is useful for a multitude of tasks, all of which it performs superbly. I even use it myself, from time to time 🙂

GC Leach - Mokelumne Hill, CA

Purchased C44-9A, 5/5 stars - 06/20/2015

I love my cart! I can fill it up with so much more manure and make one trip allowing me to maximize time and save trips. It cuts chore time by a third. I love how it saves time and saves my back. It takes the pain out of lifting and makes it fun.

Robin - Bend, OR

Owner - Blue Sky Ranch, Purchased C27-10A - 5/5 stars - 09/07/2014

“It works very well for hauling dirt and mulch. One of the best features is that young people can use it without risk of injury. “

Chad - Saint Simons Island, GA

Manager - National Park Service, Purchased C32-8A-PD - 5/5 stars - 9/12/2014

“We couldn’t live without it!  When we first got it, we weren’t sure what all it could do, but now it’s used all the time for jobs we never would have thought of.”

Alisha - Nashville, TN

Volunteer, Volunteer Equine Advocates - Purchased C27-7A - 10/20/2014

“It’s so awesome!  My wife and I use it for all our yard work.  Best investment ever!”

Chris - Pettisville, OH

Homeowner, 5/5 Stars - C27-10A - 05/03/2014

“Overall, this is an amazing wheelbarrow and it blew our expectations out of the water. If you’re finding using a manual wheelbarrow a pain then this might just be an investment in not only your gardening, but also your health.”



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